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Know About Best Food Pairings.

Everybody loves to eat and it depends upon your interest that what you want to eat. But in this busy schedule we have to eat sudden whatever is available. Therefore, here are some tips for pairing foods that will make you energized. You can have not only one but pair two which can be called best food pairings.

 Milk and Bananas

Eat bananas if you have a stomach problems because banana is a good source of inulin. It is a kind of a fibre that helps balance good bacteria levels in your digestive systems. It also enhances calcium absorption, benefitting your bones. So pair banana with a milk, yogurt, cheese etc which are the good sources of calcium. It will also promote bone health. For the best breakfast add sliced bananas to cereal with skimmed milk.

 Peanut Butter with Strawberries

Strawberries are the sources of Vitamin E, which is helpful for healthy eyes. Vitamin C boosts the power of Vitamin E, therefore you can pair your berry goodness with a good source of Vitamin E. You can find Vitamin E on peanuts peanut butter, almonds/almond butter and sunflower seeds.

 Mustard and Broccoli

Broccoli is called as the good source of sulforaphane( a cancer fighting compound). Unfortunately, cooking the green destroys myrosinase, an enzyme that makes sulforaphane available to your body. To replace the myrosinase, combine broccoli with mustard or another raw cruciferous vegetable such as arugula. The extra myrosinase helps your body absorb more sulforaphane.

 Apples and Green Tea

The perfect afternoon snack: A cup of tea and sliced fruit. It has found that the phytochemicals quercetin, which are mostly found on apples, berries, onions and catechin, which are found in green tea and purple grapes, work together to prevent blood platelets from clumping together. When plates clump, it can contribute to blood clotting and lead to a heart attack.